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Home of all natural pet foods and holistic pet care products. Pet health is our shared priority, with the approach that nature intended.  We offer only high quality products, from healthy pet treats and cat treats to holistic dog food or holistic cat food, for the optimum health of your pets.  Our foods are ultra concentrated performance formulas with herbs, seaweeds, seeds, multiple grains and unrefined oils.  In addition, probiotics and digestive enzymes are added to our foods, including our organic cat food. 

 For raw diet dogs we carry a group of ultra high-quality, nutrient dense raw and freeze dried dog foods.  And for pampering your furry family member we offer a comprehensive selection of natural cat treats and innovative healthy dog treats including an all natural dog treat that’s sure to please.  We also feature Dog Gone Pain, the dog multivitamin that can improve your dog’s quality of life.  “Let our family help you feed your family."  We do the research and bring only the best to you, to help you do what's best for your fur family.





Our products represent the best aromatherapy available, meticulously blended to create a product of unsurpassed quality and aroma. Click here to see what our customers have to say about our fine line Aromatherapy products for pets.

We never compromise quality in our blends.



As the founder of Azmira, Dr. Newman began researching and working with pets in 1982. The Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle® is created from that experience. This unique systematic approach effectively addresses serious issues affecting pet's inability to live emotionally and physically stable lives. As you follow each step, you will reverse deeper symptoms more quickly. With nutritional, herbal and homeopathic approaches to support the body's ability to prevent disease or heal itself - rather than symptom suppression - wellness can be easily realized.



A Product Above Industry Standards

K-9 Kraving is the first and only USDA Certified, natural, raw diet complete with added vitamins and minerals for your dog’s everyday needs, for all life stages. (USDA Food Safety, Inspection Documentation)



 At Life Line Pet Nutrition, we understand how important your pets are to you, which is why our focus is on a holistic approach to animal health by emphasizing healthy diets. Our unique supplements are scientifically engineered and contain human-grade, natural ingredients to provide your pets with outstanding nutrition. Our commitment is to continue to research the newest scientifically based products to bring you as we grow.



Odor-No-More™ products are Eco-Friendly solutions, providing animal owners the ability to SAVE TIME and MONEY maintaining their animals enclosures. The products consist of a proprietary blend of micro-nutrient salts that are commonly found in animal feed supplements and hoof care products to safely eliminate odor.



All of VéRUS Pet Food dry and canned formulas are manufactured in the USA.  All of their ingredients are United States grown or raised products except for our New Zealand Lamb. (Which is recognized world wide as a source of high quality antibiotic and hormone free lamb). You will not find By-Products, Fillers, Wheat, Corn, Soy or Chemical Preservatives in any of VéRUS premium Pet Foods Canine Dry or Canned Formula's. None of the canine or feline formulas are preserved with or contain ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT, Propylene glycol or any other chemical preservative.  VeRus formulas are also free of Menadione. They are truthful in their labeling; the ingredients shown within their web site are the most up to date ingredient labels for all of our formula's.



Organic Pest Control Kills Insects and Protects People

The key to safe and effective pest control is the use of powerful, yet non-toxic and environmentally friendly products by Wondercide. Protect your family, pets and property from flying, biting, crawling bugs inside and outside your home for good. Through integrated pest management, use safe pest control products to destroy adult insects, eggs and larvae. You no longer need chemically based flea and tick controls, DEET insect repellents, bug sprays, and lawn pesticides that seriously affect the health of humans, animals and our environment. We specialize in superior pest solutions with the scientifically proven power of nature.


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